Meet the XO1

 The 5 inch racing drone with extraordinary abilities.


    Design for FPV Racing

    The XO1 is a custom designed racing drone with no compromises. The goal was to put  high performance components into the smallest possible enclosure with 5 inch props.

    Supercompact 5″ FPV drone

    The body was build as close as possible to the theoretical limits of a 5 inch props compatible racing drone. To achieve that, all components had to be moved as close to the center of gravity. The result is maximal performance in the smallest and most agile airframe.

    FPV Race with Style

    The PA 2200 material that is used to produce the XO1 is incredibly versatile. It is strong and flexible and therefore the ideal material for the XO1. All parts are polished and then dyed in your favorite color. Get the XO1 in your personal style!



      The body of the XO1 includes two perfect locations for LEDs. These LED’s are freely configurable via OSD (brainFPV RE01) or via Cleanflight. You can easily program them to show alerts like low voltage, direction change and much more. For races where pilots should be distinguishable, they can have one fixed color changable via OSD with the RE01.

      The Pod

      To have the best FPV expierience, the pod of the XO1 is placed right in the middle. Depending on your flying speed the camera can be rotated from 0 to 60 degrees. On the top of the pod any GoPro can be mounted easily.


        Center of Mass

        The battery of the XO1 is placed right in the middle between the motors and sits way higher than usual. This results in nearly identical PIDs for pitch an roll and makes the XO1 extraordinary agile. Its a total new fpv experience.

        Modular concept

        The XO1 is made out of 4 different parts. The body, the FC ring, the lid and the pod. Every part can be replaced individually. The pod and the lid have threads for toolfree assembly and to easily switch the battery.



          Thanks to the sphere design idea, the XO1 has a highly aerodynamic unibody that is extremly strong and superlight. The design of the XO1 increases speed and efficiency.


          The FC ring and pod are completey dampened by four soft elements that connect the FC ring to the body. This is extremly good for getting rid of any video vibrations on both cameras and also the noise in the flight controllers. The result is a way better flight performance and better videos.

          The Body

          The highly engineerd unibody was designed with two goals in mind: Lightness and strength. As a sphere is the most stable geometric object, the arms of the XO1 were designed in a round style to get them as strong as possible and light at the same time.

          Racing Layout

          The 15 degree angeld video transmitter placements made two things possible: The channel switch is easily reachable from the bottom and the video antenna is in a perfect upright position while flying at speed. This results in better videorange and quicker channel changes on the field.

          IR racing laptimer

          For advanced pilots, the XO1 has two dedicated places to install IR diodes for measuring precise laptimes on a race. With the brainFPV RE01 it is possible to change IR values via OSD.


          The integrated buzzer gives pilots the ability to find the XO1 when it is occluded by grass or other objects. A simple switch on your remote can trigger a very loud buzzing sound.


          To tune the XO1 on the field you can use the OSD of the brainFPV RE01 or if you use another FC the USB port on the side. TO connect, simply screw up the pod and the USB port will be accesible.

          The FC ring

          This special element was designed to mount most of the current available F3 and F4 flight controllers with any power distribution boards as as stack.

          The lid

          The bottom lid was designed to be able to quickly change the battery. Thanks to the thread it is a matter of seconds to change the battery or video frequency. No zip ties needed! In addition to that it has a shape that fits a tile.