Bosch Athlet 3D product animation

Bosch Athlet 3D product animation.


3D Animation Software: Autodesk 3ds Max design, Photoreal Rendering with mental ray, Textures made with Adobe Photoshop on base of Arroway Textures, Effects and Postproduction made with Adobe After Effects. This 3D Animation is based on full detailed cad nurbs data. This Animation is one of some 3D Animations I have created for BSH GmbH at Studio Messlinger next to 3D Illustrations, Marketing Illustration, 3D Design Renderings, 3D Art Renderings, and 3D Product Animations. Music by Farao Studios GmbH. Concept by dube. visuelle kommunikation / Agentur für Werbung und Design. All copyrights @ BSH GmbH.