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For this general update I had to decide some elemental changes. Since 2000 my site has always been flash based and I always tried to keep the site at a “state of the art” level and I did invest a lot of time into the programming of the page. I have always been a great flash fan and it was really outstanding what you could to with this great product. Unfortunatly the latest updates (AS3) makes it nearly impossible to update the site to the new standard within a reasonable time. Also the update of the content was really hard to do as the whole site was hard-coded. The last and most important reason for leaving flash was the impossibilty to run it on any iPad / iPhone / iPod Devices. For known reasons on this devices Flash is impossible but for me it was really surprising that even on the Android or somewhat else smartphones, my old page didn´t run. This was somewhat annoying after all the work…

So here we go with the new site. It´s completely without flash and runs on any devices I tried. At the backend I have a CMS here, what makes everthing extremely easy. So updates of content, structure and design can be done quite fast. All picture can now be seen in a really fullscreen mode, where the jquery lightbox fits automatically the whole browser window (even on smartphones). It got a fully functional webshop with product management and order management. Every new post can easily be shared in social networks with just one click now. The whole site is much more google friendly. I can finally directly link to youtube videos what will be very usefull for my upcoming projects. Please stay tuned within february 2011….

In the future I will keep you updated on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and of course on www.ak3d.de.
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Critics for the new site are very welcome on my guestbook! I hope you enjoy the new site.