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3D Illustrations

Magazines & online media. We do 3D renderings for magazine articles, magazine covers and other online media 3D assets. If you just got a headline, a topic or even just a rough idea about an illustration, we can realize high quality photorealistic renderings out of that. All pictures are in high quality and will be served as download link.

3D Animation

Product visualisation & 3D animation. We create 3D product animations and films, made for advertizing. If you got CAD data of your product in any common format, we can create complete image campaigns and high quality product animations with that. If you need a 3D animation or just a short 3d logo animation in ultra high quality, please contact us.

3D Tutorials

Books & video tutorials. We create products to improve your 3D skills. These products are made by an artist for artists and are purely practical. The Books are printed in high quality and they are shipping free, worldwide. All digital e-books are working on iPads, android tablets, pc and mac. HK Vertrieb is the exclusive distributer of all AK3D® products.